Buy Now – Pay Later, for Small Business

Credit Terms from Chinese Suppliers

Big Businesses don’t have to pay their Chinese suppliers up front for inventory, why should Small Businesses?

Novanty offers Chinese suppliers a no risk option to offer their US Small Business customers interest free credit terms. 

With Novanty, Small Businesses can get the same credit terms that Big Businesses get.



Fill out an application and let us set it up with your supplier.


Buy Now

Order the inventory you need, let us pay for it.


Pay Later

Pay us for that inventory at a later time. No interest, no fees.

A Better Way To Buy Inventory

Novanty is a US based Financial Technology startup that works with Chinese suppliers to help them offer their western customers credit terms without the risk.

It’s no surprise Chinese suppliers typically don’t offer risky credit terms to their western customers. If the customer doesn’t pay, there is little they can do from China. However, they also know that you have countless suppliers to choose from.

What we do is give Chinese suppliers the option to offer their customers credit terms without the risk. We provide the capital and the supplier pays our small fee, so there is no cost to you. You then pay us back later. It’s that simple.