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A better way to buy inventory

Novanty is a disruptive new Financial Technology Startup that offers the worlds first interest free alternative to inventory financing. 

If your Supplier doesn’t offer Credit Terms, then you are unnecessarily tying up capital. Capital that you could be using to grow your business or otherwise be in a better cash flow position.

If you are using an inventory loan or Factoring, you are paying interest that you don’t have to pay. Eating into  your margin and bottom line.

Choose Novanty and get interest free Credit Terms on all your inventory purchases from any supplier in the world.




Interest free?

That’s right, interest free.

We use our capital to pay your supplier for the balance on your order, then invoice you with credit terms. Rather than charge you interest or fees for this extra time to pay, we structure our services as a valuable benefit to your supplier so that they are happy to pay our fee. We aren’t just a lender, we also help your supplier win more bids and find new customers,

For the suppliers that don’t participate, that is what our referral program is for. So you are covered either way.



Without Novanty



With Novanty




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How it works





Before you make your next bulk order from your supplier, fill out an application. Novanty performs background checks and other verification’s including sources such as Dun & Bradstreet, Better Business Bureau, Personal Credit, Pointed Internet searches, owner credit score, etc.

Let us work with your supplier

We are just as much a service for your supplier as we are for you their customer. Suppliers around the world know that you have countless suppliers to chose from. Being able to offer their customers Credit Terms gives them an advantage over the competition. Novanty allows them to do that without any risk to them. We find that most suppliers are more than willing to pay our small fee for that advantage. If your supplier is not, one of our other approved suppliers will.

Make your order

Make your order from your supplier and we pay for it. The product is produced and shipped to you.

Credit Terms

We send you an invoice with Credit Terms.