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Make Your Quote Shine.

Offer your customers credit terms without the risk.

It’s standard business in the west for nearly every supplier to offer their customers credit terms of at least Net 30.

As you know, it’s too risky for Chinese suppliers to offer their western customers credit terms. If the customer doesn’t pay, there is almost nothing you can do from China.

For a small fee, Novanty lets you offer your customers credit terms without any of the risk. This gives you an incredible advantage over the competition by making your quote more attractive to the customer. You also get access to our referral program that can bring you more customers.



How it works is simple.

When a qualified customer makes an order and pays you the deposit, Novanty pays you the balance according to your regular terms minus our small fee. You produce and ship the product to your customer, they pay us later with credit terms. If they don’t pay us, that’s our problem, not yours. Your company then gets added to our referral network of new customers looking for a supplier.



Without Novanty

With Novanty





Simply add this note to your quotes to customers from the US or Canada.

“Credit terms available to qualified Buyers. Apply at

What Suppliers are saying

“Customers choose our quote a lot more frequently than ever before thanks to the credit terms.”
Lenny, Dongguan – Trading company

“What a great idea! We can now offer our customers credit terms without the risk.”
Carl, Ningbo – Factory

“Customers can hardly believe us that a Chinese supplier would offer credit terms. I had no idea that was so popular in the US, wow has this been eye opening.”
Betsy, Shanghai – Factory

What Customers are saying

“Net 30 from a Chinese supplier, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Of course I chose that supplier even though they didn’t have the lowest price.”
George, Minneapolis – Distributor

“Having to pay our suppliers up front was really hurting our growth. Now, our cash flow has never looked better.”
Jose, Quebec – Manufacturer

“Never thought I would see the day that I get Net30 from China.”
Heather, Green Bay – Retailer